Official isostick forums are up!

Thanks very much to Nuno Brito of for hosting the official isostick forums! This will serve as the official venue for ideas, suggestions, feature requests, and most importantly support! It’s really neat to see an entire community dedicated to booting Continue reading


The Kickstarter project for the isostick is up: Just a little reminder: follow us on Twitter to get more frequent updates, or check out our Twitter stream over on the right-hand side of this page. I have twenty-five of Continue reading

Why I chose the 32-bit AVR

Recently I announced the possible move from 32-bit AVR to Atmel’s SAM3U ARM Cortex-M3 series. Soon after, I tweeted that I’m sticking with 32-bit AVR and mentioned that I would write a blog post explaining what happened. As promised, here is the post… Continue reading