FAT, sassy, and in beta!

Just a quick status update: the isostick has officially reached beta status!

Support for reading ISO9660 files from FAT16 and FAT32 partitions on the microSD card is complete and the units are ready for [very] preliminary testing. Many features will be added during the beta period.

On that note, some time in the coming weeks I intend to do a full writeup on how the FAT filesystem works. It is targeted at other embedded developers who need to integrate FAT into their devices, as I found Microsoft’s own documentation to be quite obfuscated.

Expect less frequent blog posts during the beta, as I will be working around the clock with the beta testers to create and finalize a lot of really cool features for the isostick!

If you’ve just stumbled upon the isostick and you want to be notified when it is released to the public, sign up for the announcement list!

2 thoughts on “FAT, sassy, and in beta!

    • Matthew,
      I appreciate your enthusiasm! Unfortunately it is a closed beta and the only units available have already been assigned to people. Please feel free to follow the RSS feed here or sign up for the announcement list. I’ll make updates as I can during the beta and send out an e-mail when it’s ready for funding on kickstarter, and once more when it’s in production. The plan for now (this may change!) is to offer them at a discount as the incentive on kickstarter, so that may be a good way to get one of the first isosticks quickly and cheaply!
      Thanks for the support, tell your friends!

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