SCSIfication Complete

Things always take longer than planned, and I’m a terrible judge of completion time. I am actively involved in some contract work which takes me away from isostick every so often, and I do apologize that it is taking so long. Fear not, however, for things are progressing quite well! [Insert marketing babble about taking so long in order to deliver the best product to you, the most valuable customer! (yes, you!!)]

My SCSI implementation on the AVR32 is working well! A few optimizations are still on the to-do list, which I plan to roll out during the beta period. Up next is the filesystem drivers (FAT32, first and foremost) and the ISO9660 parser. No idea how long this will take — I sincerely hope to have it done by the coming weekend (July 24th-ish), but other contract which shall not be named is planning to steal a few days from me so we shall see!

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